Groundseesaw is an exhibition platform that produces and introduces various exhibitions through cultural and arts intellectual properties both within and outside the country. 

Why do we look at exhibitions? 
There are so many exciting things in the world, but wouldn’t there be something special about people going to exhibitions? 

Here’s what Groundseesaw thinks.

Exhibitions enable people to acquire new knowledge, inspiration, and insight by leading people to break away from their ordinary and familiar routines. 

Exhibitions, in particular, allow people to experience one’s worldview beyond the work of art and to absorb artistic inspiration through artwork and its spatial qualities. 

Groundseesaw exists for those who value their daily lives, dream of perfect days and take pleasure in the art for their development. 
Groundseesaw exists to encourage people to enjoy witnessing one’s artistic inspiration becoming their inspiration and to share learnings and the pleasure that comes along. 

The place where everyone’s inspiration becomes real. That’s where Groundseesaw is.



Groundseesaw begins with diversity. Groundseesaw aims to be open-minded by focusing on the difference, not what is right or wrong. Each interest, preference, and idea are collected to make Groundseesaw.



Groundseesaw elevates people. Groundseesaw endeavors to increase one’s emotions, thoughts, and, ultimately, the value of one’s day. Groundseesaw believes that people could see the world broader and deeper through Groundseesaw.


늘 변화하는

Groundseesaw constantly changes in a positive direction. Groundseesaw flexibly accepts and reacts to art/ culture changes and movements. Groundseesaw actively notices various trends and changes or develops accordingly.



Groundseesaw pursues the inherent value of art. Groundseesaw considers whether the artwork possesses valuable messages, is unique, or maintains the best quality. Groundseesaw is looking for originality, not temporal, that adds value as time goes by.

For our time

우리의 시간를 위한

Groundseesaw takes time seriously. Groundseesaw constantly thinks and endeavors to ensure people don’t waste their time with Groundseesaw. Additionally, Groundseesaw delivers an important message for us who are living in the moment.


믿을 수 있는

Groundseesaw is trustworthy. Groundseesaw has a record of collecting more than 3.5 million cumulative visitors domestically and internationally and has a record of being in the TOP3 for six consecutive years by gathering the most significant number of visitors. Groundseesaw comprises various experts in different fields, and their experiences and perspectives are assembled to accumulate know-how.

Media & Art

Groundseesaw Showreel 2023

MEDIA & ART is a creative corporation that presents various contents and services based on exhibitions and spaces.
Since it introduced the media art of Vincent Van Gogh in 2014, for the first time in South Korea, MEDIA & ART has produced a total of 30 exhibitions, including <Alice: into the rabbit hole(2017)>, <Yumi’s Cells Exhibition(2020)>, and <Photographs by YOSIGO(2021)>. So far, more than four exhibitions have been visited by more than 250K visitors, and the cumulative number of visitors exceeded 3.5 million, maintaining the highest performance among exhibition production companies in South Korea. In 2021, MEDIA&ART is leading its move to expand its field of business to app service, metaverse, and NFT.